Tips for making your Shopping List:

• Make sure you know the quantity and/or size of an item you need. For example 10 bananas, 250ml container of spinach dip, etc..

• What brand of a product do you want; if you only eat Kraft peanut butter we need to know that, if the store brand is fine let us know that too.

• Sometimes the store is out of an item, if you require that item for sure and are willing to accept an alternative please advise us otherwise we will not bring anything.

• You will need to let us know what store(s) to fill your order at and a general idea of delivery time that works for you.

The following grocery store flyer links are here for your convenience. While The Grocery Gal will shop at any local store of your choice, these stores work directly with us and should meet all your needs.

Flyer Links:

Food Basic


No Frill’s




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