• What are your methods of payment?

Currently we accept cash and Interac EMAIL Money Transfers payments. If you are inquiring for an organization, business or ordering from outside of North Bay for local delivery please contact us directly for other options.

  • What is Interac EMAIL Money transfer?

This option is only available to those who use online banking services, it allows you simply email the Interac transaction from your online account to my email address. Complete details available from your bank.

  • Do you work with DVA (Veteran’s Affair) for funding?

Yes, we have clients who we sign the DVA funding sheet for them to be reimbursed for the shopping fee. Please contact Blue Cross directly to confirm you qualify and request the paperwork.

  • I have a friend/family member who lives in North Bay but I do not, can I make arrangements to order and/or pay for the local delivery?

Yes, we can accommodate these types of situations – please contact us directly to meet your needs.

  • Will you deliver orders to other communities in Nipissing District?

At this time we are not set up to handle this request, however please email or call to add you name to a list of people interested in using the service when it becomes available in your area. Once we receive at least 10 requests for an area we will contact you and set up a program that will meet that area’s need.

  • Do you take people with you for shopping?

No, we are unable to accommodate this request.

  • Do you help put the groceries away?

Yes, we are willing to help put the groceries away if asked (free).

  • Do you prepare and delivery food hamper gifts?

Yes, please be sure to order at least 3 days prior to the date you require the hamper delivered.Except at Christmas the cut-off for ordering is December 18th.

  • Do you offer gift certificates for your service?

Yes, we have gift certificates for our shopping service. We are unable to accept and use gift cards from other businesses because we do not see our customers until we arrive at the door with their order.

  • I have other questions, what should I do?

Please contact us by email or phone.

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